Nike Shapa soweto

Nike Case Study Context

Our task was to create the communication support for Nike’s newly re-imagined Soweto based Sports centre, Shapa Soweto. Shapa Soweto’s purpose is to function as an authentic multi-disciplinary hub aimed at inspiring change through sport, within the community and beyond.  Our objective was to ignite, action and awareness for the space through the creation of content and storytelling moments for our media partners that would and drive membership sign-ups and engagement.

Beyond the centre, Nike has been intentional on amplifying the importance of sport through the lens of women in sport, for Nike their brand purpose was inspired by the story of Her

With the insight that most of South Africa’s most important sporting moments were achieved by women and the many barriers women have had to overcome in sports we took the story of Her and aligned it to the context of Soweto, an environment that been the birthplace that has birthed legends and has left a legacy of self-actualization against all odds. 


Our approach was to create bespoke moments for each of our media partners. This way we were able to create a multifaceted story that spoke to the community, the Shapa Soweto space as well as the incredible story of women in sports from the past to present. 

This was be done through strong multi-layered content that lives digitally and on occasion in real spaces.





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